Terms & Conditions

Booking tours conditions may vary with the type of tour, event or service in question.

Payments can be done by bank deposit, ATM, bank transfer, credit card or Internet.

Reservation for any cruise shall, whenever possible, be made in writing. Reservations will only be considered confirmed upon receipt of proof of payment.

Charter reservations and some special programs should be confirmed with one month in advance, against 30% of the total deposit, 50% to 30 days before the cruise and the remaining 20% paid until 5 business days prior to the service .

Complaints and Refunds
Shall only be considered complaints and refund requests that have been submitted in writing by the complainer to Amsea Cruises, within 5 days after completion of the service.

Amsea Cruises reserves the right to change routes and schedules, replace vessels, replace the transportation by other equivalent, whenever there are others unforeseen circumstances beyond the company control.

Amsea Cruises reserves the right to cancel, without penalty when:
There was a minimum number of participants for the cruise not achieved, therefore there will be a return of the amount payed.
Adverse weather conditions, unfavorable navigability, breakdowns on ships, delays, unforeseen events, strikes, among others.

Once the booking is made, the client will apply the following cancellation expenses of booking:

  • 30-15 days before departure: 50% of total booking
  • 14-1 days before departure: 100% of total booking
  • No show on the day of departure: 100% of total booking